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BLUETEAM is a corporation specializing in veteran employment and administrative assistance.

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General Incorporated Association BLUETEAM is a non-profit-type corporation that is supposed to become a public interest corporation. In addition to membership fees and business profits, it is made up of donations from everyone.

Please donate by XRP.

You can specify the purpose of donating cryptocurrency

  1. Project support (Please send money to the ripple address in the project field.)
  2. Donation without specifying a project.

    【 Address 】 rKWcA9M5NMTS7oY52dNoSDWDit8Tke1BXa     

We also offer operating expenses.


    【 Address 】  rEpnwD1YSW4Yd3DLDkQJTuxupoL9zH5Jg9           

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Institute BLUETEAM

56 Nanashimacho Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 221-0061 Japan

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