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BLUETEAM is a corporation specializing in veteran employment and administrative assistance.

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I can't wait anymore. Confront Japan's challenges

Now is the time for the Atonement.
You have made more money than you need.
Take part in our project and equilibrium gThe balance your mind"


  • We use cryptocurrency Ripple to do the project.@Unit is XRP.
    The project field is Far Eastern island country Japan.
    The field of the experiment is the Far Eastern island nation Japan.
    Actively recruit veterans for the project.
    At first, there are three projects, but they are derived one after another.
    If you want to know the course of evolution as soon as possible, be active.

Supporting membersSupporting members

  • The association is run by supporting members.

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Institute BLUETEAM

56 Nanashimacho Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 221-0061 Japan

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